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GYTPOL is a next-generation security solution for organizations who demand the ultimate protection and want to take advantage of automation to turn complex security hardening projects into simplified ongoing operational tasks.

Misconfigurations are at the root of 80% of cyber attacks, according to Microsoft. Default settings, human error, and non-applied policies are examples of scenarios that lead to device misconfigurations.
Getting visibility of these security risks on all your workstations and servers at all times is not only challenging but also requires significant effort and the right talent.

Once identified, the remediation process of hardening even a single device misconfiguration in an organization can become a complex project.
On average, these efforts last a few months and involve many stakeholders.
Ensuring there is no impact to an organization and validating successful completion are challenges which contribute towards the complexities of remediation efforts.

GYTPOL Validator is a comprehensive solution that provides a complete view of your misconfiguration security gaps through continuous monitoring of all your devices.

Once a misconfiguration is identified, Validator uses our Remediation with Zero disruption process to automatically remove the risks rapidly and ensure your devices are continuously hardened.
GYTPOL Validator turns a complex and resource-intensive effort into a simple, repeatable, and auditable operational task at the touch of a button.
This saves resource time, reduces risk, and allows your talented teams to focus on more challenging issues.

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