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Security operations and threat detection. ​

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Cyber threats are real

82% of the time, attackers can breach

an organization within minutes

is complicated

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Let's simlify it

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From the first steps, you need to focus on three things​:

Strategic Cybersecurity Operations for Business​

Building Capacity and Cybersecurity Journey Roadmap, Make sure you invest wise​

Technical Cybersecurity Operations for IT​

Harden, Detect and Respond, Make sure the investments are utilized to the best ROI​

NonTechnical Cyber Operations for Compliance​

Demonstrate that you exercise regularly, Collect the evidences and enforce non technical controls​

Secure you startup like an enterprise

Cybersecurity Essentials
for Startups

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Non-Technical Cybersecurity Operations: 

  • regular policy reviews, ​

  • awareness trainings, ​

  • review of antivirus, firewalls, IPS to ensure they are properly maintained.​

Technical Cybersecurity Operations​ for IT:​

  • SOC, ​

  • Incident Detection and Response, ​

  • Threat Hunting, ​

  • Vulnerability Management.

Strategic Cyber Operations​

for Business:​

  • defining scope, ​

  • risks, ​

  • IT inventory, ​

  • Roadmap.

Threat Detection


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Founded in 2008 ISSP - Information Systems Security Partners is a full cycle professional cybersecurity company.

We provide compromise and vulnerability assessment, penetration and security testing, cybersecurity consulting and digital forensics, cyber and data technologies integration and support, managed detection and response services, and threat intelligence.​

We help businesses, organizations, industries, governments, and academia face the challenge of dealing with the constant threat of cyber attacks and protect networks, systems, and data from continuously evolving cyber threats.

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15 years of experience providing managed 

security services​

VR Goggles

Experience investigating state-sponsored attacks against critical infrastructure (and other hacks)

Modern Architecture

Practical knowledge from working on the frontlines of modern cyber war in Eastern Europe​

Using Mobile Phones

Expertise in discovering hidden behavioral anomalies and detecting threats early​

Work Desk

The support of experts at the ISSP Labs and Research Center​

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Our partners talk about us

'In 2015 the U.S. Department of Justice ICITAP Project Office has had the opportunity to work closely with ISSP in testing and interviewing of applicants for Ukraine's new Cyber Police. Thanks in part to the hard work of ISSP, police reform is moving ahead in Ukraine.’​ ​ Robert P. Peacock​, Project Director, Regional Program Office, U.S. Department of Justice/ICITAP​

'We recognize the important work of ISSP in enhancing the security of critical infrastructures around the globe.’​ ​ Michael Assante​, Director, Industrial Control Systems, The SANS Institute​

'On behalf of The Aspen Institute, thank you for speaking at our Cambridge Cyber Summit earlier this month. We are grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and experience and we know attendees truly valued participating in the event.’​ ​ John P. Carling​, Chair, Cybersecurity & Technology Program, The Aspen Institute​

'On behalf of all of us here at the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center, we want to express our profound gratitude for your support in putting on our conference, Russia's Cyber Operations in Ukraine and Beyond. Your participation as a speaker added an invaluable perspective to the discussion.’​ ​ Ambassador John Herbst, Director, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council​​ Michael Assante​, Director, Industrial Control Systems, The SANS Institute​

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