Compromise assessment

The compromise assessment service from ISSP instantly provides full visibility even into the darkest corners of your IT infrastructure and helps you build a better cybersecurity posture.

Compromise Assessment - why it is important?

An ISSP compromise assessment:

  • identifies evidence of ongoing and past intrusions of your information systems.

  • assesses weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your security architecture.

  • defines missing and poor IT and cybersecurity practices.


Using the latest databases of compromise indicators, patterns of malicious behavior, and memory forensics tools, our experts evaluate servers, endpoints, and logs to determine whether your organization has been breached. 

Identifying compromised systems and bad practices will help you see your organization’s systemic risks and exposures as well as increase your ability to respond effectively to future incidents.

What results can you expect?

  • Full asset and application discovery.

  • Detection of cyber threats and indicators of compromise.

  • Diagnosis of flaws that need to be fixed in IT and cybersecurity operations.

  • Technical evidence of compliance measures in place and deviations that need to be corrected.

  • Actionable recommendations on how to improve your cybersecurity posture.

What questions can you answer with a compromise assessment?

What questions can you answer with a compromise assessment?

How a compromise assessment is done

ISSP conducts compromise assessments using the fully automated GuardYoo platform, developd in collaboration with experts and researchers at the ISSP Labs and Research Center. GuardYoo allows us to process tons of logs in hours instead of weeks or even months and retrospectively detect behavioral anomalies around employees, services, apps, and network traffic. 

The GuardYoo platform is hosted on AWS and all data is protected with strong encryption algorithms and two-factor authentication. Once data is uploaded to the cloud using one of three types of automated Artifact Collectors, you are able to manage your data within a personal account area to track data quality and the validation process. Complex normalization algorithms prepare data for analysis and send the output to the 
GuardYoo engine. 

After the data analysis and machine learning processes finish, GuardYoo automatically builds a report. With the extended compromise assessment service, raw findings are also sent to ISSP security data analysts to manually enrich the report with additional recommendations. 

The final report includes all major metrics describing the quality and quantity of data uploaded as well as indicating the kinds and degrees of risks associated with each finding.​

Easy-to-use three steps cybersecurity compromise assessment solution
How ISSP compromise assessment is done

Why you need a compromise assessment

  1. Validate existing security controls. A compromise assessment helps you discover malware and persistent threats that have successfully breached existing defenses. It also helps you determine which technologies and solutions function effectively and which need to be updated or substituted. 

  2. Support incident response. Identifying compromised systems and bad practices will help you see your organization’s systemic risks and exposures as well as increase your ability to respond effectively to future incidents.

  3. Assess third parties and vendors. Third parties and vendors often have access to your networks and information systems and can be used by adversaries in supply chain attacks to get access to your critical data. A compromise assessment of third-party networks can ensure their integrity or enable you to find and patch critical vulnerabilities.

Who is a compromise assessment for?

A compromise assessment helps meet the needs of your organization based on its size, nature of business, IT and cybersecurity maturity, and budget.​

Who is a compromise assessment for?

Key advantages of the ISSP compromise assessment service:

Office Building
  • Designed specifically for SMEs up to 250 users, medium-sized enterprises, and MSSPs 

  • Based on cutting-edge applied research and years of heavy-duty cybersecurity practice on the frontlines of cyberwarfare

  • Easy-to-use, agentless, yet powerful solution

  • 100% complementary to existing cybersecurity technologies

  • Applicable to all industries and affordable for organizations of any size

  • Unique and proven threat hunting algorithms

  • Easy start and fast results

  • Affordable tech support

  • Detailed reports for better and quicker decision-making in the domain of remediation and incident response

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