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Incident Detection &
Compliance Control

The solution is built on an advanced SIEM platform providing 24/7 real-time proactive monitoring of security events and breach detection.  

Are you sure you haven’t been breached?

277 days

is an average time
for an organization
to identify a data breach


of organizations
do not have cyber teams to sufficiently meet their security management needs  


of organizations experienced more than one data breach


Gain a Complete, End-to-End SOC Without the Overhead

With Incident Detection & Compliance Control solution from ISSP SOC, companies can detect threats security violations quickly and respond to them efficiently at lower cost.

This service implements the best practices for information security standards compliance control and critical events monitoring in the organization's IT infrastructure.

No CAPEX expenses - costs included in subscription  

SLA-based guaranteed results

Fast monitoring results with expert ISSP SOC support  

Assistance setting up systems for efficient log collection

Access to security incident analysis tools

Continuous detection rules improvement and customization



24/7 Monitoring of All Critical Security Events

The service functions through the collection and automated processing of automation system audit logs and telemetry from endpoint devices, in order to provide real-time compliance monitoring, breach detection of information security standards, and prompt notifications to the customer for taking compensatory measures.

We keep an eye for:

Failures of critical components in information security systems. 

Critical changes in systems related to configuration modifications or user access level alterations.

Violations of fundamental principles and requirements of key information security standards (ISO 27002, PCI DSS, SOX, SWIFT CSRF, etc.).

Deviations and breaches of the organization's internal information security requirements


Protect Your Data, Wherever it Lives

Incident Detection & Compliance Control solution works by collecting and analyzing security data from various resources


Cloud environments

Critical devices






High Level Architecture 

Connection to the service is done by deploying a gateway/server with connectors that provide remote audit log collection from the customer's systems, including local systems and cloud services.


The rest of the monitoring system components within the service are located in the ISSP SOC cloud data processing center, hosted in the European Amazon AWS tenant. The interaction between the connectors server and the monitoring system takes place via a secure https or VPN protocol. 

An optional component is agents for the customer's workstations/servers, which support installation on Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems and interact directly with the ISSP SOC monitoring system.


This allows for additional telemetry to be collected from endpoints, including those outside the customer's corporate network, through a secure https protocol. 

Client Interaction with ISSP SOC



Visit our Cybersecurity Hub for SMEs

  • What is the Penetration Testing?
    A Penetration Test also known as a Pentest is a professional cybersecurity assessment that emulates the attacker's technics in compromising the target infrastructure. By holding a Pentest, you would practically define the weakest points of your infrastructure and be equipped with actionable information on mitigating discovered vulnerabilities and threats. Today, Pentest is considered to be one of the universal type of cybersecurity assessments, which proofs to third-parties that you care about your security.
  • How do I know that I need a Pentest?
    Top three reasons to start planning a Pentest: 1) If you have never carried out a Pentest or had one a long time ago, there are no doubts that it would be beneficial to plan an assessment now. 2) Most regulators and compliance standards in cybersecurity require to have a Pentest at least on the annual basis 3) If you have just made significant changes in your IT infrastructure, the vulnerability landscape should have significantly changed and you should update your awareness
  • How to define the cost per Pentest engagement?
    Once you defined that you need a Pentest, you would already know the key drivers and infrastructure elements a Pentester should focus on. A qualitative Pentest engagement is always a manually handcrafted piece of work, which utilizes tens and hundreds of special tools and services to maximize the vulnerability detection rate. Essentially, the cost structure for the Pentest is assembled from the certified ethical hacker's efforts and the tools, which are used for the particular engagement. For Enterprises the rule of thumb is that a Pentest engagement during the year shall not exceed 10% of the IT budget, while for SMEs these costs could be more significant compared to usual spending for IT. The best way to define the exact cost is to define the goals and develop a technical scope jointly with a Penetration Testing team of your choice.
  • What You Get in the Report?
    Your penetration testing report will contain: An Executive Summary for key decision-makers with no technical background, containing high-level results and what needs to be fixed immediately A Technical Summary with specific findings A description of successful attack vectors, demonstrating what vulnerabilities were exploited (and how) to penetrate the infrastructure Recommendations for remediation and risk management
  • When you need penetration testing?
    You had a breach, recovered, and now want to outline other possible attack scenarios You are about to release a major upgrade to your web app or you have developed your first mobile app and are about to launch it on the App Store or Google Play Store Your IT infrastructure was heavily rebuilt after you switched to working from home and needs to be assessed To win a deal, your client/partner/investor demands that you demonstrate cybersecurity compliance A regulator requests that you regularly perform pentesting Your most recent pentests were all delivered by your current service provider, so it’s a good time to change the attacker’s view and double-check previous results You want to start taking care of cybersecurity, and pentesting is an easy way to start

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