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Oleh Derevianko participated in the largest professional cybersecurity conference in Poland

Oleh Derevianko, ISSP Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer, took part at the Advanced Threat Summit - one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in Poland.

Advanced Threat Summit brought together the cybersecurity professional community all around Poland and beyond to learn more about the constantly evolving global cyber threats.

The conference among others focused on the following topics:

  • Attack surface management

  • Threat hunting

  • Supply chain attacks resistance

  • Compromise assessment

  • Automation and AI in cybersecurity

  • Zero Trust

  • Risk management

Being a well-known expert in the field Oleh explained the specifics of the current situation with cyberattacks in Ukraine and provided a few examples of recent attacks. Oleh also presented solutions to address key cyber challenges based on more than 10 years of experience gained on the frontline of modern cyber warfare.

The level of these challenges increased dramatically as more and more Ukrainian SMEs, enterprises and critical infrastructure operators became the victims of russion state-sponsored hackers. The majority of attacks in Ukraine were quite simple but very intense. According to CyberPeace Institute, from January to September 2022 there were 166 major cyber attacks in Ukraine vs 141 in russian and 197 in the rest of the world.

Advanced Threat Summit was a great opportunity to join the professional discussion among European business leaders on the future of the cybersecurity industry.



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