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ISSP Chairman Oleh Derevianko Spoke at Behind the Digital Curtain Conference in Brussels

On Tuesday Oleh Derevianko, Chairman of the Board of ISSP, participated at the Behind the Digital Curtain conference in Brussels, arranged by Promote Ukraine, and shared his vision of the biggest priorities for minimization of cyber threats in the world where all things are hackable.

The conference brought together experts in the fields of cyber security, politics and civil society from Ukraine and different European countries who discussed what can potential cyber impact on the elections in Ukraine and in Europe be, whether governments and private companies are likely to discover and attribute cyber operations, what the vulnerabilities of internet of things and devices that control critical infrastructure are and other issues.

“For us as cybersecurity practitioners it is always interesting to talk about previous attacks, how they were planned and executed. And it is really important to do that to better understand how you can mitigate risks. But the most important thing to do, the number one priority is changing the culture and the attitude to the cyber domain and the risks associated with it”, said Oleh Derevianko. “Cyber hygiene principles must be followed by everyone as rigorously as a basic hygiene rule of washing hands with soap. You can improve your organization’s personnel cyber awareness by 60% but if only one employee opens a malicious attachment in a phishing email this will be enough to hack your entire organization. With this also comes the culture and speed of decision making. C-level executives must be responsible for cybersecurity in their organizations, not the guys from IT or security departments. They need to understand the environment and be ready to take timely and effective decisions.”



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