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ISSP Canada supports Canada-Ukraine business cooperation in cybersecurity

The Canadian ICT business also joined the discussion, in particular Rogers Communications - one of the leaders of the Canadian telecom industry.

ISSP has a story of long and fruitful business collaboration with Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst - the national centre for innovation in cybersecurity at Toronto Metropolitan University.

One of our projects – ISSP Cybersecurity for Startups - became part of the Catalyst cyber accelerator this year.

Participants of the meeting discussed a number of issues on Canada-Ukraine business cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and digital transformation.

In particular, ICT and cyber education development, investments and venture funding for Ukrainian ICT and cyber startups, and support of Ukrainian ICT companies planning to enter the Canadian market.

‘ISSP has been working on the Canadian market since 2019. We are grateful to our Canadian partners for supporting Ukraine in this difficult time and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation,’ - Oleh Derevianko, ISSP Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer said.



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