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ISSP Offers Cybersecurity Solution for Startups

ISSP is offering a new Cybersecurity for Startups solution that includes tailored incident detection, vulnerability management, and threat hunting services. These services are customized for each customer based on analysis of their business and a top-level audit of their cybersecurity posture and are augmented by continuous virtual CISO and consulting services.

Cyberattacks against small companies and startups are becoming more targeted. In 82% of cases, attackers can compromise an organization within minutes. Security tools perform differently in different environments, and on average generate alerts for only 9% of attacks. Security environments are not able to prevent or detect 65% of evasive focused attack techniques.

Startups usually don’t have cybersecurity experts on their teams, don’t have months and years to learn and develop their cybersecurity capacity, and have limited resources they can allocate to this area.

The priorities of startups are continuous product development, attracting investments, and establishing routes to market. But they must have cybersecurity covered too. Startups need to protect their intellectual property rights and critical business processes. Investors require startups to stay compliant and protected from breaches, and customers expect that their personal data won’t leak as a result of a cyberattack.

“We realize it is not fair to roll out a list of service options with a price tag on each of them and let you choose. You are not supposed to have the expertise necessary to make an informed choice in this regard. So we will advise you based on a study of your IT assets and cybersecurity posture, an assessment of the threat model and attack surface, and risk and compromise assessments to define current threats and IT security flaws. The final decision is yours — to opt for fixing the problem in the short perspective or to take a fully informed decision to accept the risk.” — Artem Mykhailov, Business Development Director at ISSP.

ISSP Security Operations Center is here to help

The Cybersecurity for Startups solution involves onboarding to the ISSP Security Operations Center (SOC), which works as an extension of a customer’s IT department or security team. It is the job of SOC experts to detect anomalies, identify known adversarial techniques, and hunt for indicators of compromise.

The ISSP SOC service requires the installation of specific agents on endpoints and servers that will collect detailed information about a customer’s system and users’ operations and then transfer it to ISSP SOC for detailed analysis. To detect anomalies in IT infrastructure, ISSP SOC creates profiles for critical system parameters and monitors endpoints and servers for potential deviations. This approach allows ISSP to detect both known and unknown threats. Also, based on a set of rules developed using the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework and research by ISSP Labs, SOC analysts and threat hunters look for indicators of known adversarial techniques.

Using ISSP SOC services, startups get access to a leading technology stack and a skilled and highly motivated team without the hassles and costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining high-quality cybersecurity professionals. Experts and analysts from ISSP SOC serve customers across three continents and eight time zones. Having worked at the frontlines of modern cyber war for more than five years and having protected companies from and investigated some of the most destructive cyberattacks in history, ISSP SOC experts are highly skilled in monitoring IT infrastructure, discovering hidden behavioral anomalies, detecting threats early, and responding to incidents.



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