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National Asset-Liability Management Asia conference in Singapore

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

On 5 September Oleksander Sirotin, Critical Infrastructure Program Manager, ISSP, will present at the National Asset-Liability Management Asia conference in Singapore that brings together professionals from market operations, foreign exchange reserves, financial markets and monetary operations across the globe. Oleksander will speak about understanding the risk of banking in the age of cyber crime and will share the latest methods and evolution of financial fraud as well as efficient tools for fraud prevention and compromise assessment in complex financial institutions.

“The conference in Singapore will cover many financial issues but there is one thing that inspires me most and it is the fact that the global banking community realizes the risks associated with globalization and digitalization and is ready to consult with the cybersecurity experts capable of mitigating these risks”, - says Oleksander Sirotin. – “Of all the speakers we will basically be the only cybersecurity company invited to share our extensive experience and knowledge in the area of effective protection from cyber threats and financial fraud prevention”.

National Asset-Liability Management Asia conference is arranged for the 12th time this year. It offers reserve managers and senior decision makers charged with managing national balance sheets at central banks and sovereign wealth funds a unique opportunity to discuss investment challenges and solutions, exchange ideas on the key issues facing reserve managers and hear from renowned practitioners who will examine the implications of public policy and market stresses on investment strategy, risk management and market engagement.



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