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D8 Corporation was founded in 2002 by ex-banking technology executives who saw an opportunity to offer their technical expertise to a rapidly developing payment card industry in the Baltics. By December 2002, the development of StrongHold as D8’s first product was underway.

In 2003, D8 Corporation launched the first commercial installation of StrongHold Risk Management platform for Latvijas Krājbanka (Latvian Savings Bank), monitoring payment card transactions for possible fraud in real-time.

D8 Corporation opened its first subsidiary – an office in Ukraine in 2005.
After implementing a few successful projects in the Baltics, D8 started taking on international challenges in the CIS region and signed an agreement with the a processing center in Ukraine to upgrade their core processing infrastructure.

The late 00’s hallmarked a strong growth period in D8’s history, as we started actively undertaking payment card infrastructure projects outside Europe, particularly in Africa and CIS, working in close cooperation with Metavante Technologies, Inc. as a systems integrator.

In 2009, Metavante Technologies, Inc. was acquired by FIS Global, which marks the beginning of D8’s system integration partnership with FIS Global.

In 2010, D8 was reorganized into D8 Corporation Ltd. (SIA), which became the HQ for D8’s operations globally.

In 2012, D8 completed the biggest payment cards project up until then and was recognized for excellence by Visa in implementing the first MDEX acquiring project outside the US and Australia.

In late 2015, D8 Corporation launched one of the first commercial installations of HCE-based tokenization systems in the world, in cooperation with Mastercard and using Mastercard’s MCBP standard.

In late 2020, D8 Corporation launched one of the first national-scale tokenization projects for a domestic payment network in Uzbekistan. 23 banks were onboarded within the first 3 months after go-live.

Since 2022, D8 has been strategically realigning its business model, expanding its own solution portfolio and geographic reach to Western Europe, LATAM, and Central Asia.

We continue to form a range of important strategic partnerships, both commercial and technological, in these regions and it will allow us to excel at delivering the best payments infrastructure software for the financial industry.

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