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Building Bridges for Cybersecurity: Oleh Derevianko's Keynote at TMU IT Conference

ISSP Co-founder and Chairman, Oleh Derevianko, delivered an online keynote presentation at the eighth annual Toronto Metropolitan University IT Conference, which brought together cybersecurity professionals and academics from leading universities in Canada.

The conference agenda included key topics such as:

• Zero-day vulnerabilities

• Ransomware

• AI in information security

• Cyber awareness and cybersecurity culture

• Ethics in cybersecurity

• The shortage of cybersecurity personnel

Oleh’s presentation, "Cyberwar is Real: What We Know, Don't Know, and Hope for After a Year of Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine," offered critical insights into Ukraine's resistance against russia’s cyberattacks, evolving tactics, and the repercussions for defenders, IT services, and the global community. Drawing from ISSP frontline experience, Oleh posed crucial questions about the changing strategies of threat actors and the effectiveness of defensive measures.

The lessons learned from Ukraine's resilience emphasize the importance of international cooperation in addressing cybersecurity challenges and serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility for a secure digital future.

Big thanks to Toronto Metropolitan University for providing such a great platform for discussion and knowledge exchange.



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