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ISSP Participated in Fortinet Security Day 2019 in Kyiv

ISSP took part in the annual Fortinet Security Day and shared our experience in the field of cyber security and cyber-attacks investigations. Artem Mykhailov, ISSP Enterprise Solutions Director, and Oleksiy Yasinskiy, Head of ISSP Labs, discussed how in the present-day reality every organization can fall victim of cyber criminals and what are the truly effective measures of stopping them and minimizing the damage.

Having more than 20 years of experience in APT detection, cyberattack investigations, malware analysis and threat hunting, Oleksiy Yasinskiy was involved in the investigation of some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Based on his experience he argued that traditionally organizations focus on protecting the perimeter of their information and communication systems, but cyber criminals eventually breach every layer of defense, and protection from intrusion becomes virtually impossible.

“What organizations can do however is employ technologies and mechanisms of continuous monitoring of infrastructures and compromise assessment,” says Oleksiy Yasinskiy. “While cyber criminals go through various stages of attack, they leave traces of their presence that help stop and get rid of them in a timely manner and avoid loss of data and other assets, minimize the damage, and improve your digital resilience for the future”.

In his presentation Artem Mykhailov, ISSP Enterprise Solutions Director, shared that businesses worldwide spend millions on intrusion prevention and real-time protection, but today only 12% of organizations consider themselves capable and likely to detect a sophisticated attack, whereas millions of small and medium-size businesses don't have access to and can't afford advanced cybersecurity at all.

“But today advanced cyber health assessment becomes available and affordable for everyone”, argued Artem Mykhailov. “Automated GuardYoo compromise assessment platform lets you get a very clear picture of your cybersecurity posture and in-depth understanding of gaps that need to be fixed. It provides full asset and application discovery, detection of cyber threats and indicators of compromise, diagnosis of flaws in IT and cybersecurity operations that need to be fixed, and technical evidence of compliance measures in place and deviations that need to be corrected”.



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