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Re/start in Cyber Pilot Project: Strong Participant Motivation and Interest from Leading Employers

The pilot training project, Re/start in Cyber, designed for career switchers, has successfully concluded. After three months of intensive online learning, practical assignments, and mentorship sessions, we are thrilled to share the project's outcomes.

In total, 60 students actively participated in the educational program, equipping themselves with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to launch a career in the field of cybersecurity. This accomplishment is particularly successful considering that the initial plan was to involve only half as many participants, 30 individuals.

The free 3-month training program for career switchers, re/start in cyber, is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, international cybersecurity company ISSP, Toronto Metropolitan University, and the recruiting platform BazaIT. The primary objective is to provide talented Ukrainians with high-quality knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to find their first job in cybersecurity. A total of 263 candidates were engaged in the selection process.

Participant Oleksandr Humeniuk shared, "The Re/start in Cyber program provides a deep dive into the field of cybersecurity and offers a reality check for those with an interest. The curriculum, founded on the reputable SANS institute's course, can genuinely transform an individual with a humanitarian background like me into a confident trainee-level specialist in cybersecurity within a span of three months."

Students also had the unique opportunity to undertake an examination and secure the esteemed SANS GIAC Foundational Cybersecurity Technologies (GFACT) certificate for free. To date, 40 individuals have seized this opportunity, successfully completed the test, and earned the certificate, which holds substantial value for prospective employers.

Yurii Samokhvalov, a certified instructor at the ISSP Training Center and a mentor in the program, commended the outcomes, saying, “I'm pleased with the program's results and the students' strong engagement. Their commitment to learning, successful completion of practical assignments, and active participation in complex discussions during mentorship sessions all reflect their dedication to the course and their eagerness to develop in this new field."

Of particular interest, highly motivated students will have the opportunity to gain immediate practical experience in the cybersecurity industry upon finishing their training. ISSP has initiated qualification interviews and has already secured paid internships for the program's inaugural graduates. Additionally, two telecom companies have expressed interest in employing graduates.

Roman Sologub, CEO at ISSP, emphasized, "ISSP is actively contributing to the advancement of qualifications of cybersecurity professionals. That's why we've decided to offer paid internships to the most motivated Re/start in Cyber graduates. Based on the success of the pilot project, we're currently in negotiations with partners to launch the next phase. This will allow an even greater number of Ukrainians to acquire new knowledge and find promising job opportunities in the cybersecurity field, especially during these challenging times."

Detailed information about the timeline and requirements for the upcoming selection process will be available on the Re/start in Cyber project's website. Stay tuned.


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